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Airgo Music provides services for today’s independent recording artists. 
Our system serves and manages “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, as well as “Former Major Label” Artists who are looking to take control of their career. 
What the “D.I.Y.” (Do it Yourself) phase artists often hear can at times be misleading and unclear. They’re left with a question: How do I do it myself? 
We provide the answer: Together with the Right Team to manage a custom designed and funded action plan.
Our goal is to serve you with the resources of our powerful team of music professionals who will manage the set-up, release, marketing and promotion through our extensive network.
This allows you to focus on being “The Artist” while maintaining full control of your music business.
The clear difference between Airgo and the major record label is that you, “the Artist”, own and control your music, not the record company. Since you are providing the required funding, you are also gaining a greater return on your investment without suffering from the restrictions and limitations often entailed by being signed to a recording deal.
Our services are comparable to those offered by a major label. We focus on the following core services:


Artist Development & Performance Consultation

Music and Video Production

Digital Music Store with Worldwide Distribution


Promotion and Marketing

Social Media Management



Featured Artist Video

Michael Makai – A Hold On My Heart