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Airgo Music provides universal services for today’s independent recording artists. These services include artist development, production, physical and digital distribution, live performances, publishing, marketing and promotion, and they are all managed within our unique system.

Our universal system serves both “the beginner” as well as the “Former Major Record Label Act”.
Airgo is a streamlined, artist-centric company that serves artists with a versatile and modern day approach. We built our business model with the concept that the music may be made available for “free” one day. In this “YouTube” world, where instant access and entertainment on demand is becoming more and more a part of our modern world, the perception of needing to “pay” for music is fast becoming a thing of the past.
We have had to change the way we approach the “business of music” from the ground up. We understand that although digital music gets cheaper every day, there are still many aspects that people are willing to pay for.
You will get a better understanding of who and what type of artist you are, how to grow and manage your fan base, and use the tools we provide you with through our system that gives you a solution to this rapidly changing industry.
We focus on the following core services:


Artist Development & Performance Consultation

Music and Video Production

Digital Music Store with Worldwide Distribution

Promotion and Marketing

Social Media Management



If you are an independent recording artist looking for the ways to start, develop and launch your career in the Music Business, Please contact us to see how we may able to suit your needs. info@airgomusic.com

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